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Barlow ROI, Jeremy
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Jeremy Barlow's introduction to the world of commercial art came at the age of 12 when he successfully negotiated the sale of a watercolour to an aunt for half a crown. Inevitable, however, it was to be some years before these embryonic signs blossomed into a successful career as a full-time artist.

He had harboured a childhood ambition to become a cartoonist, and spurned the traditional boyhood pursuits of football and cricket in favour of a more creative pastime. Indeed, he was rarely happy unless he was doodling with a well-chewed pencil or working attentively with a worn watercolour mop!

It was perhaps natural then, that a formal state education in Kettering should be followed by a course at Northampton School of Art where he studied illustration. He later worked in art studios in London and the Midlands, but decided to take the plunge and become a full-time painter in the early 1970's after encouragement by gallery owners and other artists.

It was a risk, but in Jeremy Barlow's case, his reputation for having a natural skill and a good eye for composition had gathered momentum by the mid 1970's, barely five years after becoming a professional. Until then, he had been working almost exclusively in oils and inks, but he had long admired the watercolour techniques of landscape painter Stanley Orchart. He was moved by the freshness and looseness of the washes on a bright, white surface and, throughout 1975 to the exclusion of all else, Barlow concentrated on perfecting his own watercolour skills. But it was to be another two years before he met his mentor face to face. They became good friends and Jeremy gained much enthusiasm and inspiration from him.

Within two years, Barlow's watercolours had enhanced his reputation both at home and in Europe and, in 1977, he crossed the channel to concentrate on painting landscapes and townscapes in Holland, Belgium and Germany. Here, his following grew rapidly and his work was exhibited in many major European cities. His paintings feature in several collections throughout the world, including that of the Dutch Royal Family. The City of Delft also bought 30 paintings for their topographical archives. Subsequently a book "Delft - by Jeremy Barlow" was published featuring a selection of 24 of his watercolour townscapes.

In 1984 he returned to England and settled in North Norfolk.He has a vast exhibition record including the R.I, R.O.I, R.B.A.

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